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Doctor George has been helping the public since the 1960s. As the number of service calls grew so did the long hours and need for a quality and great tasting coffee. A trip to Hawaii provided an opportunity to visit a long-established roaster, and experience the freshest and finest coffees from the Island's and around the world. Quality and taste had been found! Since then, family, friends and clients have enjoyed our coffee. Perhaps the Doctor’s best Rx ever, take time to relax and experience for yourself a fresh and delicious cup.


Fair Trade Coffee, Organic at Origin

Roasted and packaged within 24 hours

Honolulu, HI and Sacramento, CA


10% of profits donated to Doctors Without Borders

To place an order please contact us at:


Freshly Roasted Arabica Coffees

Whole Bean or Ground

4oz bag $7.99

7oz bag $11.99

Dark Roast

Hawaiian Blend

Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Vanilla Macadamia Nut


CBD Roast

Whole Bean or Ground

4oz bag $24

7oz bag $39


Doctor George Coffee uses the highest quality beans, provides expert roasting, and gives attention to special packaging to eliminate moisture and air from entering the bag, all within 24 hours. This adds up to a superior coffee product, taste and experience.

Coming Soon......Instant Coffees!

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